Price: $40

What if you dont have NOTHING? NADA?
No pen, no paper, no cards, no phone, no wallet...
Just you, your participant and an audience

You have the opportunity to create memorable and direct Mentalism!

Propless Mentalism allows you to create Mentalism literally with nothing, just your performance and the psychological and verbal knowledge.

In "Nada" you will learn four of my favorites pieces of propless Mentalism. They are simple to understand and very powerful. I have use them to book shows, for TV, Radio, professional and casual performances.


10 Commandments of Propless: Follow this and you shall be saved

Zodiaco: During a casual conversation and potential reading, get secretly your participant´s Zodiac Sign! No BA/PA/BS

Solar: Mindreading and a memorable entertaining visualization.

Mind Map: With this routine you will be able to predict a selected country with 100% accuracy without any props.

RRV: A bold and direct method to know thoughts. As simple as that.

Loving this! I really enjoy Pablo's thinking. Prop-less isn't necessarily better mentalism, but it's a great way to focus on YOU and your presentation. Nada nails that.
Mind Map is my favorite thing from this, however I spent some time on Solar this weekend and am really excited to perform it
Steve Wachner

Very nice touch on the subject from my good friend Pablo!
I hope this will be the first of a series of manuscripts will be interesting to see more works like that!

Luca Volpe

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